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Mean Girls is a 2004 American teen comedy film directed by Mark Waters and written by Tina Fey.  The movie is a concept taken from a non-fiction 2002 self-improvement book by Rosalind Wiseman, named Queen Bees and Wannabes, which describes female high school social cliques and the damaging effects they can have on girls.

You are in the right place if you want to watch Mean Girls on Netflix from your country, So continue reading.

Is Mean Girls available on Netflix?

So you searched for Mean Girls in your Netflix library but failed to find it. That’s because Mean Girls is only available in specific countries on Netflix.

As the Russian Netflix library has Mean Girls. You are lucky if you live in Russia, as there will be no hurdles for you in streaming Mean Girls.

However, If you live somewhere else, then you will need a workable VPN to watch Mean Girls on Netflix.

An ExpressVPN subscription is Highly recommended for streaming Mean Girls on Netflix, as this VPN is tested and proven to be secure and fast.

Below are some easy hacks mentioned for watching Mean Girls on Netflix from around the world.

How to watch Mean Girls on Netflix | HD Streaming

The hack to watch Mean Girls on Netflix from around the globe is to connect your server to a Russian IP with the help of Express VPN

Below is the complete guide on how to stream Mean Girls on Netflix.

  1. Get ExpressVPN for Netflix (12+3 month free special deal)
  2. Download the VPN app on your preferred device (PC, mobile or Smart TV)
  3. Select a Russian IP address from the list
  4. Now open Netflix on your browser or in-app
  5. Search Mean Girls on Netflix 
  6. enjoy the series
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Watch Mean Girls on Netflix|4 Easy Steps 

To watch the movie, you must first confirm whether Mean Girls is available on Netflix in your country. If not, a VPN will be required to unblock it in your area.

Using a VPN, or virtual private network, you can alter your IP address and show that you are in another country. 

This helps get access to geo-restricted content like Netflix’s Mean Girls. You must sign up for a subscription with a VPN service to utilize a VPN.

Getting an ExpressVPN subscription is highly recommended to change your Netflix region to Russia for watching Mean Girls on Netflix from anywhere around the globe.

Follow the below-mentioned procedure to view Mean Girls on Netflix from your location.

1- Get ExpressVPN for Netflix

You will need a VPN to change your Netflix region and stream Mean Girls on Netflix. You can get three extra months free of ExpressVPN with their annual plan.

That’s 15 months for the price of 12. A single subscription supports five devices simultaneously and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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2- Download the ExpressVPN app on your device

ExpressVPN supports almost all devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. You can also use ExpressVPN on your smart TV or gaming consoles using their smart DNS.

3- Connect to a Russian Server

After downloading the ExpressVPN app on your device, connect to a Russian server from the country list.

4- Enjoy

After connecting to a Russian serveropen Netflix in your browser or in-app and search for Mean Girls on Netflix from anywhere around the globe. Now you can stream and enjoy.

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Mean Girls – Official Trailer

Mean Girls – Genre

Teen and comedy

Mean Girls – Plot and Synopsis

The film is set in the fictional North Shore High School in Illinois and follows the story of Cady Heron, a teenage girl who has been homeschooled in Africa for her entire life and moves to the United States to attend public school for the first time.

Cady is immediately taken in by a group of popular girls known as the “Plastics”, who are led by the ruthless and manipulative Regina George. As Cady becomes more and more involved in the Plastics’ social circle, she begins to lose sight of who she truly is and starts to become just like them.

Mean Girls is a witty and clever comedy that perfectly captures high school stereotypes of students’ ridiculous and often cruel nature. The film is filled with memorable quotes and scenes that have become cultural touchstones and still hold up well today.

The cast is fantastic, with Lindsey Lohan delivering a strong performance as Cady and Rachel McAdams stealing the show as Regina George. Tina Fey’s script is sharp and full of clever jokes and insightful observations about teenage girls and the social dynamics of high school.

The film also addresses some important themes, such as bullying and the negative effects of cliques, and it is a powerful reminder that we should always strive to be true to ourselves. The film also has an empowering message for teenage girls and young women, encouraging them to stand up for themselves and not be afraid to be different.

Mean Girls – Cast

  • Lindsay Lohan 
  • Jessie Wright
  • Rachel McAdams 
  • Lacey Chabert 
  • Amanda Seyfried 
  • Lizzy Caplan 
  • Daniel Franzese 
  • Jonathan Bennett 
  • Rajiv Surendra 
  • Tina Fey 
  • Tim Meadows 
  • Amy Poehler 
  • Ana Gasteyer 
  • Neil Flynn 
  • Daniel DeSanto 
  • Diego Klattenhoff 
  • Alisha Morrison 
  • Julia Chantrey 
  • Molly Shanahan 
  • Jan Caruana 
  • Jacky Chamberlain 
  • Olympia Lukis 
  • Dwayne Hill 
  • Jonathan Malen 
  • Nicole Crimi 
  • Dan Willmott 
  • Laura de Carteret 

What else can you watch on Netflix?

Netflix offers a vast content library of movies and tv shows from which you can choose and bring your happy hours to life! Below is some recommended content that you should check.

Frequently asked questions about Mean Girls

Does Netflix have the movie “Mean Girls”?

The answer is Yes, Netflix has Mean Girls, but it is available to stream only in a few regions like Russia.

Is A free VPN useful for watching Mean Girls on Netflix?

The free VPNs fail to unlock OTT platforms, putting their user’s privacy at risk, so we don’t recommend free VPN services.

Wrap Up

Overall, Mean Girls is a must-watch for anyone who has ever been a teenager, and it is a comedy that will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come. It is a smart, funny, and insightful film that perfectly captures the absurdity and cruelty of high school cliques, and it is a movie that will make you laugh, cringe, and maybe even cry. It is a true classic and a must-watch for anyone who loves comedy films.

If the movie is unavailable in your country so, worry not and watch it by getting an Express VPN subscription.

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